About us

MILSPEC550 is a small independent business, located in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

It is owned and operated by Mark who has 35 years experience serving with the Australian Army.

Our products and designs cater for the likes of military members, four wheel drive enthusiasts, campers, survivalists, first responders, ladies and children or any one who wants to be prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse or simply for the fashion conscious.

We established MILSPEC550 in March 2015 after finding a gap in the Australian and New Zealand marketplace for quality survival bracelets, utility key rings, and other useful and custom made products using paracord.

MILSPEC550 only supplies high quality handmade products using genuine USA manufactured military specified 550 paracord that we source via an Australian supplier.

We have an extensive range of 550 colours of paracord and 425 tactical cord available in our workshop. We are constantly updating our range.

Our aim is to provide our customers with a high quality handmade product in a timely cost effect way.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service.

Genuine USA manufactured paracord is a high quality product that has amazing strength and durability and has many uses.

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If you want something special, we can custom create items such as dog leads, dog and cat collars, accessorised survival bracelets, keychains, security lanyards, fashionable bracelets and belts etc.

We can help facilitate classes for scout groups, after school programs, and even provide a hands-on activity for kids parties or a special school project – this is a great way to keep kids occupied and learn new skills. A great idea for a gift making activity!